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[FALSE] The “pray for italy” Video
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UNRELATED to Italy, the shared video is from 2013 South Korean movie titled “Flu” (Gamgi).

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The “Savage AF” ( Page, shared 5 times per screenshot was taken. (backup archive).



“pray for italy ????????
pray for italy #nepal #stayhome #corona”.



(1) First Draft News: “FALSE CONTEXT

When genuine content is shared with false contextual information”

More @ / (backup archive).

* The SOURCE shared video from 2013 South Korean movie titled “Flu” (Gamgi).

* The SOURCE added false narrative which has caused false conclusion.

(2) IMDB:

* “Flu (2013)

42 of 270

Gamgi (2013)

Titles: Flu”

Picture @ / (backup archive).

* “Flu (2013)

Gamgi (original title)

Chaos ensues when a lethal, airborne virus infects the population of a South Korean city less than 20 kilometers from Seoul.”

More @ / (backup archive).



(1) Wikipedia: “Flu (film)

Flu (Korean: 감기; RR: Gamgi; alternatively titled The Flu) is a 2013 South Korean disaster film written and directed by Kim Sung-su, about an outbreak of a deadly strain of H5N1 that kills its victims within 36 hours, throwing the district of Bundang in Seongnam, which has a population of nearly half a million people, into chaos. It stars Jang Hyuk and Soo Ae.[2][3][4][5][6]”

More @ / (backup archive).

(2) YouTube: “THE FLU Movie Trailer

7,200,103 views • Aug 2, 2013

FRESH Movie Trailers
4.43M subscribers

THE FLU Trailer. Release Date : August 2013″

More @ / (backup archive).

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